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La douceur d'une pensée. ( other version ) Assis dans les ombres d'un chêne millénaire j'observe l'harmonie d'une image lumineuse et alors, quand la lueur d'une pensée se propose dans l'esprit, je rappelle son sourire... Francesco Sinibaldi
Posted by Francesco Sinibaldi on 20 May 2019
In the part of a melody... ( last version ) Near the ledge of an ancient farmhouse the juvenile blackbird is singing with joy and this tender happiness, like a delicate breath, touches the heaven to cover the light of a fugitive feeling: you live in the silence, your hesitant movement is coming alone to find in the freedom your usual darkness... Francesco Sinibaldi
Posted by Francesco Sinibaldi on 08 April 2019
In the part of a melody... ( third version ) Near the ledge of an ancient farmhouse the juvenile blackbird is singing with joy and this tender happiness, like a delicate breath, touches the heaven to cover the light of a fugitive feeling: you live in the silence, your hesitant motion is coming alone to find in the freedom your usual strength... Francesco Sinibaldi
Posted by Francesco Sinibaldi on 03 April 2019
In the part of a melody... ( other version ) Near the ledge of an ancient farmhouse the juvenile blackbird is singing with joy and this tender happiness, like a delicate breath, touches the heaven to cover the light of a fugitive feeling... Francesco Sinibaldi
Posted by Francesco Sinibaldi on 25 March 2019
El futuro y los pensamientos. ( last version ) Recorro el sendero que atraviesa los bosques y noto, con cierta sorpresa, la tristeza del sol que huye en el canto de una luz infinita: como el soplo del viento que regresa ligero donando a la vida el tenue color de las hojas mojadas, como el llanto presente del cansado pájaro que se posa en el barro y así muere en silencio... Francesco Sinibaldi
Posted by Francesco Sinibaldi on 12 February 2019
Last week in Inverness, I made that journey with you in the playing. No adjectives, you wrought wonder, and emotion. Your performance, a travel that will never be forgotten.
Posted by H Macmillan on 09 February 2019
El futuro y los pensamientos. ( third version ) Recorro la senda que atraviesa los bosques y veo la tristeza del sol afligido que huye en el canto de una luz infinita: como la fuerza del viento que regresa ligero donando a la vida el tenue color de las hojas mojadas, como el llanto presente del cansado pájaro que se posa en el barro y así muere en silencio... Francesco Sinibaldi
Posted by Francesco Sinibaldi on 06 February 2019
El futuro y los pensamientos. ( altra versione ) Como la fuerza del viento que regresa ligero donando a la vida el tenue color de las hojas mojadas, como el llanto presente del cansado pájaro que se posa en el barro y así muere en silencio... Francesco Sinibaldi
Posted by Francesco Sinibaldi on 31 January 2019
Mais ces yeux brilleront... La tristesse illumine tes yeux inconsolables, et quand le souffle de la brise automnale se pose sur le sol et commence à mouvoir le feuillage silencieux tu recherches, de mystère de la nature, la réponse aux tourments et aux peurs d'un esprit plein de force: mais écoute, ma petite, et rappelle cet instant qui s'approche dans la nuit pour porter le confort, ces yeux solitaires reviendront à briller... Francesco Sinibaldi
Posted by Francesco Sinibaldi on 17 December 2018
Quand le son disparaît... ( third version ) En marchant sur le sentier qui traverse la forêt je me trouve, tendrement, dans le centre d'une charmante sensation: c'est très agréable décrire la lumière qui couvre le passage de la brise matinale... Francesco Sinibaldi
Posted by Francesco Sinibaldi on 15 December 2018
Quand le son disparaît... ( other version ) En marchant sur le sentier qui traverse la douce campagne je médite sur le présent qui rappelle une sensation: c'est très agréable décrire la lumière qui couvre le passage de la brise qui retourne... Francesco Sinibaldi
Posted by Francesco Sinibaldi on 11 December 2018
In the purity of a dream. ( last version ) Modest and eminent virtue abandoned alone in the dark of a tender sensation, when the sun goes away and a yellowing leaf touches the ground with a delicate movement I can hear, in the forest, the intense attraction to the light of your fate: and then, in a moment, a reflection returns... Francesco Sinibaldi
Posted by Francesco Sinibaldi on 25 October 2018
In the purity of a dream. ( other version ) Modest and eminent virtue, when the sun goes away and a yellowing leaf touches the ground with a delicate movement I can hear, in the forest, the timid attraction to the light of your fate. Francesco Sinibaldi
Posted by Francesco Sinibaldi on 21 October 2018
In the purity of a dream. ( third version ) Modest and eminent virtue abandoned alone in the void of a tender sensation, when the sun goes away and a yellowing leaf touches the ground with a delicate movement I can hear, in the forest, the timid attraction to the light of your fate. Francesco Sinibaldi
Posted by Francesco Sinibaldi on 15 October 2018
Wonderful music, we were supplied the music to use by a bride for one of our recent wedding firework displays which included one of Steven's pieces. Absolutely wonderful interpretation.
Posted by Blaze Fireworks on 17 September 2018
In the part of a melody... ( last version ) Near the ledge of an ancient farmhouse the juvenile blackbird is singing with joy and this tender happiness, like a delicate breath, touches the heaven to cover the light of a fugitive feeling: you live in the silence, your hesitant movement is coming alone to find in the freedom your usual darkness... Francesco Sinibaldi
Posted by Francesco Sinibaldi on 27 August 2018
Dulzura de pasión. ( other version ) La voz de la vida se difunde en el campo trayendo la gracia de una flor encantada: suavemente, como el sol que regresa en el pálido seto, como el tímido llanto de una rosa cansada que refleja el dulzor de una luz pasajera... Francesco Sinibaldi
Posted by Francesco Sinibaldi on 21 August 2018
A wonderful concert in Perth (Western Australia) of Dvorak and Brahms, with bits of added Schubert! - with Kristian Winther and Timo-Veikko Valve. The audience loved it, several deserved curtain calls, and having given the pre-concert talk, I was not disappointed with this wonderful evening of music-making. Thank you!
Posted by Marilyn Phillips on 29 July 2018
L'équilibre de la douceur. ( third version ) Le soleil se répand dans les ombres fugitives d'une branche pleine de feuilles, et comme un rêve qui revient dans la grâce d'une forêt silencieuse je peux sentir, en marchant sur le sentier, la chanson adorable d'un moineau passager qui gazouille heureusement en fuyant en liberté... Francesco Sinibaldi
Posted by Francesco Sinibaldi on 02 July 2018
If the sunshine appears... In a terse and beautiful sky the first portrait of a prudence appears in your mind with a delicate breath... Francesco Sinibaldi
Posted by Francesco Sinibaldi on 30 June 2018
Steven, thanks for a wonderful Beethoven 4 in Glasgow last night. At the end of it, the man in front of me went "Wow"! and I think Wow is what the entire audience felt! I can't tell you the last time I heard Beethoven 4 in the flesh and as I've been listening to a lot of HIP recordings of late I wondered how I'd like Big Band Beethoven again, but your performance dispelled any worries I might have had - quite wonderful. I wonder what you think of the HIP movement, particularly as applied to Beethoven? I heard Robert Levin's unique take on Beethoven 3 last year and was absolutely riveted.
Posted by Steven McClue on 13 April 2018
Steven, Thanks for a superb concert in Perth on Sunday. A program of works I was unfamiliar with, but the Berg was a real revelation for me - I knew Lulu, of course, but didn't realise how Romantic his early work was. The Prokofiev went very well, too. Wonderful playing - I think we're privileged to have such a world-class pianist on our doorstep. Looking forward to your next recital in Perth!
Posted by Steven McClue on 27 February 2018
I really enjoyed your recital at Reading yesterday. It's so good to hear a live performance which departs from the regular classics. Very nicely constructed programme. I don't think I had heard the eight Prokofiev sonata before, though I love 6 and 7. Fabulous performances as usual, and I liked your brief and informal introductory addresses to the audience.
Posted by Bob Parry on 23 February 2018
Thanks so much for coming to Reading last night. Wonderful programme and I loved your introductions and stories. The sound in the hall was amazing and I hope you also liked the acoustics. Please return.
Posted by kathymac on 23 February 2018
We were completely blown away by your fabulous concert at John Innes this evening. Thank you so much for such an enjoyable and memorable performance.
Posted by Bill & Julia Wallace-King on 10 February 2018
Very interested in your recent BBC performance of Mussorgsky-Pictures at an Exhibition. I‘d forgotten my first experience in a classical music record store, where I chose this music over others as an inspired guide to learn from. I was 17. Your performance effectively returned me to the spirit of that knowledge. Thanks so much. Your performance was inspiring.
Posted by Jon Keliehor on 26 July 2017
Enjoyed the concert in Kirkwall on Tuesday as part of the St Magnus Festival, a wonderful performance with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra. Hope you didn't mind my intrusion on your privacy at Kirkwall airport on your return to Edinburgh, always good to be able to show appreciation on a personal level.
Posted by Roderick MacKenzie on 23 June 2017
Dear Steven, What a pleasure meeting such a great musician. Your talent and your passion are incredible! I hope to meet you again!
Posted by ERNOUX on 09 May 2017
Thank you so much for the wonderful concert in Perth last Sunday. I have since listened several times to the Iplayer relay of the Wigmore Hall recital, and each time I hear more amazing details and magical moments in your performance of all 3 sonatas. It is obvious that you have studied these works in great depth, and I am reminded of Schnabel's comment that the pauses are as important as the notes. I loved your dynamic range which seems greater than that indicated at least by the AB edition - enormously effective. Surely you must be the successor to Schnabel, Askenase, Barenboim et al in this repertoire. And you even came to our little Strathearn Music Society. Please come again! And many thanks again for the great pleasure you give.
Posted by John Southorn on 29 March 2017
Steven, thanks for a terrific recital in Perth on Sunday. I dislike the modern trend for presenting the last three Beethoven sonatas as if it's some kind of religious rite (nobody would do it with the Op 30s or the Op 10s - in fact I can't recall when I last heard a pianist give us either of these groups outside of a full sonata cycle), so I was glad to hear the Brahms in between. It's worth remembering that Beethoven lived for another 5 years after Op 111, and wrote 2 sets of Bagatelles and the Diabelli variations thereafter, so this is by no means his last word on the piano, despite his claim that it was an "unsatisfactory instrument". I thought Op 110 went really well - congratulations (I love that fugue - it's my favourite movement of the last 3). Did I notice that you were - as Alfred Brendel very often used to be - plastered?
Posted by Steven McClue on 28 March 2017
First a belated appreciation for your performance of the last three Beethoven sonatas at a private concert for our small Opus 111 Society in Oslo on February 8th. Fantastic playing, highlighted by a spellbinding 2nd movement of the Opus 111. Then hearing you play the Ravel G-major concerto the next day with the Oslo Philharmonic quite stunningly. The second movement, which with so many pianist fall flat, not so here, moving, tender and clear. All this prompted my wife and me to take a trip to Manchester to hear your Brahms/Beethoven program. I think the Opus 109 and 111 have always been more favorites than the 110, but your playing of the 110 this evening is simply the best we have ever heard, with so many nuances coming through that we had not experienced before. The concert was certainly worth our trip to Manchester. Thank you !
Posted by Carl Fredrik "Calle" Carlsen on 17 March 2017
Thank you for a luxurious programme coming up!! If only every concert were like this!
Posted by Laura Salle on 16 March 2017
Stunning Beethoven op 109, 110 and op111 tonight and what brilliant programming to preface each sonata with a Brahms intermezzo. A wonderful deeply moving evening , Thank you.
Posted by michael RHATIGAN on 14 March 2017
Stunning Beethoven op 109, 110 and op111 tonight and what brilliant programming to preface each sonata with a Brahms intermezzo. A wonderful deeply moving evening , Thank you.
Posted by michael RHATIGAN on 14 March 2017
So wonderful to have you in St. Louis this weekend. What a magnificent performance of Beethoven #1 with the SLSO. Bravissimo!!
Posted by Laureen Di Bisceglie on 12 March 2017
I will be in Oxford 21st March. See you soon T.
Posted by Tom on 10 March 2017
Really enjoyed your performance of the Britten at Symphony Hall Birmingham on the 26th Feb with the CBSO Youth Orchestra. Now looking forward to the Tippett.....!
Posted by James Skeggs on 27 February 2017
Thank you for your performance at Glasgow City Hall this week with the BBC SSO. especially so since I understand that it was at short notice Best wishes
Posted by Mark Seymour on 25 February 2017
I attended last evening's concert in Galway and wanted to write and thank you for such beautiful playing. I've never heard a piano make such gorgeous sounds. I doubt I'll ever hear Debussey better rendered. Thank you. (Incidentally, I found your remarks on Rachmaninov very amusing. My piano teacher and his father, also a piano teacher were great friends of his, and he often stayed at their home when touring. Every once in a while, when we'd come to a difficult fingering decision, my teacher would get up and go into his library, saying, 'Let's see how Rachmaninov says to play it.' He was a wonderful teacher, who taught all his pupils on an 1876 Steinway Grand - 'so you can hear how you really sound.!' Please add my email to any mailing list you have. I would very much like to hear more of your playing.
Posted by Sean David Bennett on 06 May 2016
My husband and I are very much looking forward to your appearance in the Music for Galway concert series 5 May 2016. Having sampled your recordings we know this will be a very special evening! (See you at Aula Maxima, NUIG!)
Posted by Sarah Daniel on 12 April 2016
Time and again I'm listening to your recording of Rachmaninov's Preludes together with my mother who is a great fan of your play. This is a wonderful antidote to the bombast and melancholy of some Russian pianists.What strikes me most are a certain understatement and a strong sense of continuity. Of course big climaxes sound big. But altogether you are my preferred Rachmaninov player together with Leif Ove Andsnes.
Posted by Eckhard Scheider on 20 February 2016
I urge anyone who was unable to hear Steven's London concert last week or its radio broadcast to get onto the Radio 3 website to hear it. It was a spellbinding performance & some of its special character is captured in this extract from the Guardian's review: '.. in this recital, Steven Osborne made Schubert, Debussy, Crumb and Rachmaninov seem as though they were different faces of the same musical entity. Pieces grew out of the context of the one before; Osborne’s playing sought colour and texture above display or drama, but not at their expense'.
Posted by Steve Elder on 12 February 2016
We saw you perform as a student and were moved to tears. Wrote to you and had a lovely letter back. So long ago! So thrilled you have achieved your potential, and have kept your love of Schubert Jenny
Posted by Jenny McEwan on 09 February 2016
Dear Mr. Osborne, My wife and I just returned from your concert in Perth. I thought I was quite well educated musically but didn't know the Rachmaninov even though it is well known. What I will remember is how exquisitely you played all the pieces and look forward to your next visit. With respect to Mr Tumulty's question about choice of program I am always prepared to trust the artist to make the case for their choices through their playing. By that criteria today's program was a huge success. Best wishes
Posted by Chris Lindsay on 31 January 2016
Dear Steven, Thanks for a great concert in Perth today - I enjoyed it all - even the Crumb! I'll admit the Rachmaninov prelude encore was my favourite part, but then it is one of my favourite piano pieces, full stop. Bravo! From my seat the audience seemed incredibly bronchitic and noisy, which at times was really irritating. I wonder if you're aware of this on the platform, and if so, do you find it distracting? Looking forward to your next visit to Perth.
Posted by Steven McClue on 31 January 2016
How Nice to wake up this Boxing Day healing you on BBC3 "breakfast" Claus Möger, Silkeborg, Denmark
Posted by Claus Möger on 26 December 2015
What a great recording of Ravel, I took the CD to India and it was most enjoyed from my verandah looking out onto the hills. Sad news regarding John Taylor I hope you are keeping well With much affection Derek
Posted by derek hook on 31 July 2015
Thank you for a stunning recital this morning in Holy Trinity Church, Hereford (as part of the Three Choirs Festival). Schubert's last sonata D960 was miraculous and rightly earned a standing ovation. Congratulations!
Posted by Mark Ferrero on 28 July 2015
I am delighted to have heard you play Brahms on In Tune, Radio 3, today 7 May. It was wonderful.
Posted by D Heffer on 07 May 2015
@Ms Whiteman, I moved to Linlithgow when I was 2, and yes, I did Young Musician of the Year in 1998 I think
Posted by Steven Osborne on 22 March 2015
Was Steven Osborne born in Linlithgow and did he take part in Young Musician of the year?
Posted by Ms J Whiteman on 21 March 2015
Stephen, Thank you so much for your wonderful concert yesterday afternoon at Crear. We were still talking about it late into the evening. The Beethoven was simply astonishing and your encore a perfect ending on a beautiful afternoon. Hope to be able to listen again to you in the near future.
Posted by John Hall on 16 March 2015
Superb performance in Perth yesterday - congratulations! I don't think I'll ever really warm to the Hammerklavier, but you came closer than anyone else to persuading me that it's not completely bonkers. There's an ongoing argument about The Art of Fugue that it was perhaps never intended to be performed at all: I wonder if the same isn't true of the Hammerklavier. Incidentally you were asking about marches in Sonatas. I can't think of any *prior* to Beethoven, but prior to Op.101 there is of course the famous Funeral March in his Op. 26. - perhaps not the sort of march you were meaning? Thanks again for coming to Perth.
Posted by Steve McClue on 09 March 2015
Your Vancouver recital last Sunday was inspiring. Thank you for playing the so rarely played Beethoven Op. 90. The sonata sounds almost Schubertian. And thank you for your beautiful performance of the Op. 101. The march somehow reminds me of the march from the Schumann Fantasy.
Posted by Patrick May on 24 February 2015
I have heard the Hammerklavier several times by various pianists––live and recorded, but it never made complete sense to me, and yet I knew it should. BUT in Sechelt it finally did! Thanks to you. I'm indebted to you for that. And I knew you were going to play the Beethoven before the Schubert because of the way you were talking about it immediately beforehand! When will you record the Hammerklavier on cd? I can hardly wait for it.
Posted by Josephine Hammond on 23 February 2015
Magnificent performance in Sechelt, British Columbia. Wonderful hands make great music.
Posted by Errol Lipschitz on 22 February 2015
Just picked up your recording of Pictures from an Exhibition. Your performance was so fresh and exciting -- a new piece for me. Remarkable!
Posted by Craig Zeichner on 21 February 2015
Thank you so much for coming to Atlanta. You must come back sometime. We'll take you out for a beer afterwards!
Posted by Mark Fresa on 15 February 2015
Love your recording of the complete Rachmaninoff Preludes. I return to it over and over again. Thank you.
Posted by Elliot on 27 December 2014
Poche ore fa ero al Teatro Comunale di Imola.Bellissimo recital,mi ha fatto venire voglia di approfondire la mia conoscenza di Schubert.Andrea
Posted by andrea orsi on 02 December 2014
It was a great concert in Antwerp yesterday! The introduction made the ride into a delicate performace all the easier.
Posted by Francisca on 27 November 2014
Enjoy your recital in Hong Kong today!
Posted by Fanny on 26 October 2014
Another thankyou from Sheffield-the andante was beautiful. I hope you come back.
Posted by chris on 16 October 2014
Thank you, Steven, for tonight's Schubert recital in Sheffield.You held the Music in the Round audience truly spellbound - heart- and breath-stopping performance. You make Schubert more alive than anyone I've heard. Come again soon!
Posted by Janina Klapas on 13 October 2014
Thank you, Steven, for tonight's Schubert recital in Sheffield.You held the Music in the Round audience truly spellbound - heart- and breath-stopping performance. You make Schubert more alive than anyone I've heard. Come again soon!
Posted by Janina Klapas on 13 October 2014
Thanks a lot for yesterday's wonderful concert in Leuven. Your performance of Messiaen's Vingt Regards was very powerful and touching and it was awe-inspiring to see you go through the 2 hour marathon with unwavering concentration and without making virtually any mistake. I'm sorry for all the coughing and creaking sounds coming from the audience and I felt sorry that you had to perform in such a warm and humid aula. Thanks once again for an admirable performance and all the best to you.
Posted by Viktor Emonds on 03 October 2014
I’ve just gotten round to listening to the off-the-air recording I made of the Wigmore Hall Beethoven recital last year. The performance of op.111 is hugely impressive: Beethoven playing at its very finest. Most good pianists can play the arietta as far as the fourth variation and then they lose the plot completely, rattling off the music at far too fast a pace and with no awareness of the inward and infinitely delicate nature of the trills and the way they take us onto another spiritual, emotional and imaginative plane entirely. Not so in your case, Mr Osborne. You reached the heights, and played many a phrase with enormous character and new insight. The final pages also possess exactly the right momentum and sense of returning home at last. What is arguably Beethoven’s greatest utterance received a performance worthy of it in every way. Please record the work one day soon, preferably with the other four late sonatas as a set. It is wonderful to know that Beethoven playing in our time is in such sure and understanding hands.
Posted by Eric Shanes on 21 September 2014
I have just spent the weekend at Synaesthesia at the MONA in Hobart, Tasmania. It was a simply incredible experience, and for me the highlight was Steven Osborne playing Messiaen’s Vingt Regards, which, in a small performance space, brought a sense of intimacy to this profound and intense work. To be so close to Steven and to experience the stunning virtuosity in this music was confronting, emotional, and at times, quite scary. At the other end of the scale, his touch in the softest sections of this masterpiece was beyond belief, his careful voicing of chords and just as a phrase ends with what seems like ultimate softness, the final note is softer still, almost inaudible, but present. It was breathtaking. The small audience let out a sigh of disbelief at what we had just experienced. When the final chord sounded, Steven held the tension as we listened in a rapture of silence for over 30 seconds – you could have heard a pin drop - before his body finally relaxed. A massive standing ovation. Thank you Steven for a musical experience I will never forget.
Posted by Mike Smith (Hobart, Tasmania) on 18 August 2014
Thanks for Quartet for the End of Time in Greyfriars on Monday. The highlight of my Festival so far. Quite exhausting for the listener so hard to imagine how hard it must have been for you. Thanks
Posted by Chris Robertson on 13 August 2014
Thank you so much for your performances in Edinburgh. The Messiaen was stunning, your personal intensity adding to that of the music. And then a stellar recital with Alban Gerhardt. The two of you make beautiful music together, a bromance made in musical heaven. Hope to be able to see you sometime soon in San Francisco Bay Area.
Posted by Al Hoffman on 13 August 2014
Steven, Your concert in Malvern this evening was supreme, most particularly, the Rachmaninov, but also the Ravel wasn't too bad, either ! I am reeling from your unbelievable virtuosity - and want more. Thanks for a good night out,
Posted by Nigel on 13 March 2014
Hi Stephen, Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your concert at the Wigmore Hall tonight. I was lucky enough to sit near the front and I found myself watching how you were playing. It was as though you were in a private conversation with the music.Your breathing seemed quite effortless and I wondered what techniques you use to support your breath and strength? It would be interesting to read about this in your blog sometime. Anyhow, thankyou for a lovely evening.
Posted by Celia on 15 February 2014
I'm just SO glad to have the chance to thank you for your Wigmore Hall concert last night (14th Feb 2014). Extraordinary piano playing and artistry and not a concert I will forget. It's a real pleasure to hear such beautifully crafted sounds that seemed quite literally to float through the air - colour, voicing, line and space the like of which I have not heard for a long time. A wonderfully chosen programme too ... and delivered so assuredly yet without loosing the intimacy that invites us to share it with you. Thank you.
Posted by Graham on 15 February 2014
Great to hear you talking about the Tippett piano works on Radio 3 earlier today. The piano concerto and the first two sonatas have been important to me for a long time but from your recording of all his piano works I'm now really getting to appreciate the last two sonatas as well. Hearing you talk so passionately about this music and its power and depth will I hope lead others to listen and appreciate it.
Posted by Stephen Elder on 11 January 2014
Thank you for a wonderful afternoon in Perth, Scotland. Your performance was truly awesome and uplifting.
Posted by Georgina on 06 October 2013
Have listened on IPlayer to your concert at the Wigmore Hall on Tuesday. Great idea to preface each sonata with bagatelles from the same period. The 2nd movement of the Opus 111 was spellbinding, capturing the unworldly quality of so much of it. the variations seeming to unfold and follow each other inevitably. I'm always startled at first by that syncopated passage but it too then seems to fit the whole.
Posted by Stephen Elder on 03 October 2013
After hearing just a part of the BBC concert today, I just had to order a couple of your CDs, which I fully expect you to autograph the next time you visit! I love the clarity, not to mention the virtuosity. love and hugs, Judy
Posted by Judy Johnson on 01 October 2013
This is a somewhat belated note of appreciation for your performances at this year’s Midsummer Festival at Latimer. The Brahms’ Hungarian dances as duets with Paul Lewis were great fun, but I especially liked the Prokofiev 2nd violin sonata (with Erik Schumann) and the last Beethoven cello sonata (with Bjorg Lewis). The brusque energy of its final fugue made more sense to me than ever before. We had a brief conversation at the end of the festival which nonetheless still managed to touch on Tippett’s Piano Concerto, which I love, the late Charles Rosen and Richter’s views on Rachmaninov’s influence on Prokofiev! I appreciated the extra insights this conversation gave me. I greatly value all your recordings that I possess: of Messiaen, Tippett, Ravel, Musorgsky and Prokofiev and I have found that the accompanying notes enhance my understanding and appreciation of the music, including your own extra notes, especially in the case of Ravel and Tippett. I have also greatly enjoyed those live performances of yours that I have caught on Radio 3, but I do hope to get to more of your concerts in person in future. Best wishes
Posted by Stephen Elder on 17 August 2013
Would ask you a few questions about Kapustin sonatas? But the link in the contact section doesnt work? Thanks
Posted by François Couture on 30 July 2013
Thank you for performing Gordon's Tune. As he may inform you, having Gershwin in your Playlist gives you bonus points as far as I am concerned!
Posted by Gordon Scott Davidson on 22 June 2013
Great to hear of your prize! Congratulations. My son Jude is learning now, and when I told him a friend was so talented he wanted to see your website. Thank you for being an inspiration and love to you, Kenneth and your mum.
Posted by Barbara Anderson on 19 June 2013
Your concert on Monday 10th June at Queen's Gate Terrace with Alina Ibragimova was absolutely superb!! It was an inspired programme and performance. Your talent and virtuosity are much appreciated. I shall look forward to the Recording
Posted by Elizabeth Zeschin on 12 June 2013
Thank you for a truly outstanding performance of the "Emperor" at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall this afternoon. Quite remarkable!
Posted by Patrick on 02 June 2013
It's the second time I have heard you perform in Aberdeen and you do not disappoint. The audience were spellbound! Used to play cello with your brother in the Lothian Schools Orchestra many moons ago and we had the same cello teacher.
Posted by Rachael Chan on 04 May 2013
Beautiful hand I think. With some improvements it could be better :)
Posted by Sasha Grey on 17 March 2013
Wonderful concert at Malvern on Friday Steven, thankyou! Please could you come to Bristol soon! Or maybe you'd prefer Lochcarron in early May - we'll be there on holiday then!
Posted by Gill Jones on 10 March 2013
Thank you so much for your wonderful performance of Schubert and Beethoven sonatas last night at Birmingham Town Hall. Every note spoke and touched me to the heart - you played with such delicacy and profundity I shall never forget it.
Posted by Margaret Bennett on 06 March 2013
Thank you for your wonderful performance of Schubert and Beethoven Sonatas last night at Birmingham Town Hall. Every note spoke and touched me to the heart. You played with such delicacy and profundity the music has stayed with me.
Posted by Margaret Bennett on 06 March 2013
Thank you for such lovely playing in Birmingham's Town Hall last evening. We travelled 49 mile from Ludlow, having enjoyed your Britten Concerto recently. The Schubert and the Beethoven were both ecstatic experiences for us. Thank you so much. M&R
Posted by Margaret and Robin Bennett on 06 March 2013
Thank you for the recital in Linlithgow in January . Loved the ragtime!
Posted by John McCabe on 12 February 2013
Thank you for that very special performance you gave in Biggar a couple of weeks ago. It was easily the best live Op111 I've ever heard, its structure as clear as a bell. And the Bagatelles were extraordinary - I kept hearing bits of the rest of the 19th century unfolding, particularly Chopin Preludes/Studies.
Posted by Robert Inglis on 22 January 2013
Thank you for a brilliant recital today in Kelso. My granddaughter thought it was great too. She particularlay liked the Beethoven Bagatelles and will cherish the CD.
Posted by Gill on 13 January 2013
Thank you for a wonderful concert with the superb Australian Chamber Orchestra in Sydney Opera House concert hall in November. As we live in Scotland, we get many opportunities to hear you and we also think the ACO is the best chamber orchestra around, so the combination of you and the ACO was not to be missed. (Bring them here to Scotland to perform with you, please.) The Sydney concert was stunning and moving. Thank you.
Posted by Alan Rodger on 08 December 2012
Hi Steven Attended your Concert at the Elder Hall Adelaide last night (Monday 3rd November). What a superb evening, absolutely spellbinding. Loved every item, even the George Crumb! When are you coming back to Australia? Fiona McCauley
Posted by Fiona McCauley on 04 December 2012
Steven, Loved your concert in Adelaide last night along with the rest of the audience. Come back soon.
Posted by Jenny Thomas on 01 December 2012
Hi Steven, We are looking forward to your concert tonight in Newcastle. Our children were contemporaries of yours at piano lessons in Linlithgow and I played social tennis with your mum. All the best. R L
Posted by Renee Livingstone on 21 November 2012
I have just listened again on Radio 3 to your beautiful account of Beethoven 4 - thank you very much. Thepiano sounded lovely - what was it I wonder. Thank you so much for the pleasure your playing gave me!
Posted by Sara on 31 October 2012
Bonjour! J'ai emmené mon petit fils écouter les children's corner car il les étudie actuellement.Je suis émerveillée par ce mélange de douceur et de violence qui émane de votre jeu .Malheureusement il fallait partir très vite pour courir à l'opéra et je n'ai pas pu vous remercier .J'écoute en ce moment votre disque de Ravel.Un festival ,c'est une suite de frustrations et de grands bonheurs.Merci pour ce grand bonheur.. .Lille 2012
Posted by Bérengère Delecour on 09 June 2012
Well, I did enjoy the lunchtime concert in Brighton. Some quite hard things to listen to, but all very enjoyable.
Posted by Steven Osborne (no, not THAT Steven Osborne - just a coincidence!) on 10 May 2012
I'm looking forward to the Brighton lunchtime concert on May 9th 2012. It would be nice to meet up again. (I'm the former travel agent who made airline reservations for you way back when you were at the RNCM)
Posted by Steven Osborne (yes, honest) on 07 May 2012
Hello Steven, I am just enjoyng your recording of Beethoven's Bagatelles, which arrived in the post today. I am reminded of a fantastic recital you gave in St George's Hall in Liverpool a couple of years ago when you played some of the Bagatelles, the Waldstein Sonata, Debussy (one of the few occasions I have had goose-bumps during a concert) and Rachmaninov (you signed my CD afterwards). You also played one of the Bagatelles as an encore after playing a Mozart concerto with the Liverpool Philharmonic. It would be great to hear you live round our way again sometime soon!
Posted by Andrew on 30 April 2012
A pleasure to meet you and hear your playing at the phillips collection in DC. The Rach D major prelude you played as encore was the perfect musical breathe to end an otherwise breathlessly challenging program. Your affinity with Ravel communicates so directly, its a joy to hear you play his music. Truly astounding playing and musical insight. With best wishes, Jeremy Ney
Posted by Jeremy Ney on 16 April 2012
You are one fine damn pianist.
Posted by Paul Sekhri on 31 March 2012
Vrijdag 16 maart 2012. Concerthall Bruges Voor de eerste maal hebben we kennis gemaakt met het pianoconcerto van B.Britten. Uw vertolking was grandioos . Wat hebben we genoten. Thanks and we hope to hear you again in Brugge
Posted by 't Walleke on 17 March 2012
I felt priviledged to be able to attend your Ravel concert yesterday (18 february) in De Singel (Antwerpen). I am looking forward to part II.
Posted by Francisca Van Outryve on 19 February 2012
Hello Steven, I have known about your outstanding playing for some time, having purchased a while ago your recordings of the Tovey/Mackenzie concertos, the Messaien Vingt Regards and the Kapustin. What I haven't done is attend one of your recitals - that is, not until last Thursday at the RNCM, when both my wife and I were most impressed with your playing of Ravel, a particular favourite of mine. Thank you so much for the experience. For what it's worth I gave you 10/10, the highest accolade and one which I have seldom used in the past, except, on occasion, for the great, rather idiosyncratic Russian Grigory Sokolov. As for why we attend piano recitals - well, for me it's an opportunity to grab a few priceless moments of a wonderful aural experience in the company of a true artist/musician, away from the senseless, mind-numbing dross that is broadcast so much in the name of musical culture. As one jazz musician once said "There are only two kinds of music - good and bad". Thank you for reading this; I must remember to get 2 tickets for your return in June, before they are sold out. Best regards, Richard Lever
Posted by RICHARD LEVER on 18 February 2012
A friend of mine recommended I listen to one of your performances and wow. It so nice to see you play with so much passion. You controlled the music with so much feeling i cant wait to get the chance to hear you live. Thank you, all the best.
Posted by sam beaten on 12 February 2012
I was totally bowled over by your dazzling performance of Prokofiev's 5th Piano Concerto last Wednesday (18th Jan) at the Festival Hall. Not only did you negotiate the fiendish passage work brilliantly but the poetic beauty of your interpretation in the slow movement was truly heart stopping. You are without doubt the new Sviatoslav Richter and I can't wait to hear you perform (and hopefully record) more Prokofiev.
Posted by Peter Bourne on 20 January 2012
Great concert, amazing energy, dynamic range, brilliant interpretation of the piece. Also amazing use of the acoustics of Wigmore Hall with Messiaen's odd harmonics shimmering in the space like ghosts at a Victorian seance.Cheers!
Posted by Kevin Akins on 11 December 2011
We just came from your concert tonight (11.05.2011) with the Oregon Symphony. You were absolutely amazing, but you probably hear that all the time. I loved the way your fingers lept off the keys as you emphasized each note. It was great. From my point of view it looked like you conducting your own orchestra on the piano, with each note a different instrument. I would hope you will come back again. Thank you for a wonderful evening of music.
Posted by Greg Moravec on 06 November 2011
Steven, many thanks for your recital in the Caird Hall on 22nd September 2011. It really was exquisite and the Rachmaninoff Sonata was just outstanding. I felt very emotional after it! This was one of my all time favourite recitals! Thank you!
Posted by Stephen Armstrong on 23 September 2011
Just heard your Noches en los Jardines de Espana, absolutely magical
Posted by Fiona on 22 July 2011
Having heard your recording of the first movement of Beethoven's Pathetique Sonata (Classic fm) whilst travelling in the car today, I was so moved by the sheer perfection of your performance that I pulled into a carpark in order to enjoy every minute. Your phrasing in the opening bars is absolutely superb and your fluency and dynamics in the following sections were just joyful to listen to!
Posted by Norma R on 08 July 2011
Delighted and very grateful that you are making a return visit to Crear. I keep finding fresh things to admire on the Ravel CD, as I did on the Britten, and the Debussy and .. Your playing is just life-enhancing. Thinking how your wonderful 'Le Tombeau de Couperin' would compliment a summer evening at Crear (should we get such a thing). Looking forward to the recital, whatever.
Posted by Moyra Logan on 26 June 2011
The complete Ravel excited interest in this pianistic household and brought a few of us here to listen...very impressive! thank you for the extracts here on your site..this will require some serious consideration!
Posted by Soxy Fleming on 22 April 2011
Love music while I paint pictures for pure pleasure and the piano is one of the most inspiring ways of getting my thoughts from my mind to the end of a brush. Well done.
Posted by Ian Slee, South Queensferry. on 14 April 2011
Your Crear concert was a real highlight, Steven, and the intensity and virtuosity of your playing still reverberates through my memory. I feel sure it will be an experience I shall be extolling to many for years to come. Thanks.
Posted by George John Stewart on 09 April 2011
Thank you for such an amazing concert at Crear yesterday. Your suppport is very much appreciated. We listened to your Beethoven CD on our journey home and are completely lost for words!
Posted by Tina Jordan on 04 April 2011
Thank you so much for the incredibly inspiring, beautiful and superbly performed Schubert sonatas this afternoon. The way you play is just indescribable. I bought your Ravel CD and am now reliving your performance of 'Pavane' in St. Michael's Church, Linlithgow, January 2010. Many, many thanks!
Posted by Leny Morrison on 27 March 2011
Many thanks for championing the the Tippett piano concerto and piano sonatas and making them readily available on your CD with the BBCSSO. Have you ever thought of recording the 3 piano sonatas of Hindemith? They occupy a similar sound world to the early/middle Tippett,are relatively neglected despite being championed by Glenn Gould, and would fit nicely on a Hyperion disc.
Posted by Gwyn Seymour on 05 February 2011
Wonderful concert in the Bridgewater Hall, Manchester last night. Superb playing by all three of you. Delightful encore by the way.
Posted by Alan Johnson on 03 February 2011
Just come home after hearing your Schubert Trios in the Concert Hall, Reading . Really enjoyed your performances - superb and sensitive playing by all three of you!
Posted by Jeremy Rawson on 30 January 2011
Steven, Just heard your Beethoven "Moonlight" on NPR. That whirlwind third movement. When it sends a chill down my spine, you've done it right as far as I'm concerned. Very clear and powerful, and timing is everything. Your pauses and ritardandos build just the right tension.
Posted by Dwight Messing on 31 December 2010
just to say i love your music, its so Inspirational. hope all the best
Posted by paul on 12 December 2010
<b> Super website and music, hope to hear more from you in the future! </b>
Posted by James on 11 December 2010
I heard you play Schubert's late B flat sonata on Radio 3 yesterday. I've played this work since I was a 14 year-old just discovering this music - but never have I heard such poetry, such yearning. The return to the recapitulation in the first movement had me in tears, as did the coda. I must hear you live Steven. Thank you.
Posted by Peter McAleer on 24 November 2010
Thoroughly enjoyed your recital at Schubertiad, the highlight of the week end. Now enjoying your Rachmaninov preludes on CD. Your comments in booklet give it extra meaning. Appearances sell CD's!
Posted by Antony Simpson on 15 October 2010
Steven, this is just to say how much pianistic work impresses me. I bought your Alkan Esquisses years ago and found your personal booklet text very insightful. When I wondered around the iTunes music store recently, in search of a convincing Rachmaninov Prélude op. 23 no. 4, it was yours (and S. Richter's). Since then, your Rachmaninov is my daily companion. Since today, your Debussy is walking with us ... When will you visit Zurich and give a concert over here? All the best, Christian
Posted by Christian Schwarzenegger on 04 October 2010
I very much enjoyed your recorded CD playing Beethoven's Pathetique, on my local classical (King FM Seattle WA) radio station yesterday afternoon, on my commute home from work. I actually could not turn the volume up any more than the system allowed. Such depth, passion and energy! Well done Sir!
Posted by Robert on 29 September 2010
If you missed it... at Queen's Hall, Edinburgh yesterday, listen to BBC Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert on Septr 10.
Posted by Archie Wernham on 01 September 2010
Know you through Kapustin Works, in particular Sonata 2, Op. 54. Great Work! Congrats!
Posted by Evilásio Vilar on 30 August 2010
Your Rhapsody in Blue at Usher Hall last night had me in laughter and tears. You were also an inspiration to my 9-year old son who couldn't keep his fingers still watching you. Bravo and I look forward to following your concerts!
Posted by Bryan Bounds on 15 August 2010
The gentle person who wrote the comment below mine has said all I felt this morning on hearing your Beethoven Pathetique on Bayern 4. A most tender, and meditative performance. I long to hear more of you over here... Thank you. George E. Todd
Posted by George E. Todd DGPh on 15 July 2010
Steven: Your Beethoven release on Hyperion, in my humble opinion, is the single most important disc I have heard in recent years. Thank you for making this music we all know so well sound alive again. I have no doubt that, should you record the complete sonatas, it would define not only Beethoven playing for years to come but also set a benchmark for piano playing/recording. Bravissimo!
Posted by C. Claasen on 11 July 2010
I first heard you on Classic FM a few weeks ago and hope to pick up all of your CDs soon on - superb website btw.
Posted by Jonathan FeBland on 18 June 2010
Hi Steven. I hope you are well. Just a little message to say that I met Jean who is absolutely loooooooooooovely!!!! We played in the same concert and it was so nice to chat to her. You're both so talented and so special people and I wish you all the best and good luck! awwww...such a lovely couple and I am so happy for you two! Ps: I am gutted to have missed your concert a couple of days ago. Jean told me you were playing in Glasgow...oh oh oh. Definitely need to keep a better track of your concerts. Love hearing you play- and maybe you have some concerts together? hugs for you both, anca
Posted by anca (ancuta) nite on 13 June 2010
Steven: I LOVE your new website.....really special. Can't wait to hear your lunchtime concert tomorrow. Love..................Betty
Posted by Betty Sekhri on 06 June 2010
Just heard your recording of the Waldstein Sonata. Your slower-than-customary tempo for the last movement was a revelation. It gave me a whole new and different appreciation of this beautiful and challenging piece. Thank you for slowing down and letting the listener "smell the roses" that are usually lost in the customary, break-neck speed favored by most pianists.
Posted by Marta Vago on 04 June 2010
Hello... I am in the US and just getting to know your music. Enjoying hearing the Beethoven and other music at your site... wish I was in the London area so I could come to your concerts... Please see my blog URL below... Hank
Posted by Hank Zauderer on 25 May 2010
Hello Looking forward to your Queen's Hall concert on 17th May. Why no publicity? Only saw it on their site this morning?
Posted by Laura De Vere on 01 May 2010
Hello! I know bugger all about music but am a converted fan because I thought your views on the BNP were succinctly and accurately expressed.
Posted by Name on 31 March 2010
Fantastic concert tonight in Glasgow. Thank you and the SCO.
Posted by Martin on 20 March 2010
Hey Steve, How's it hanging? Hope all well in your jet-setting world? We should maybe hook up re QH thingy at some point - will text you, but had to leave message on your lovely site! Very slick - all your own work, I trust?!! Love and jazz ... BK x
Posted by Brian Kellock on 26 February 2010
I have never written to a pianist before but Saturday night's concert at the Wigmore Hall with Paul Lewis of Schubert Duets has to be about the most marvellous concert I have attended in years (and I do go to quite a few concerts!). The Schubert was simply electirifying and lived with me so much that when I went back the next night for a Schubertiade with Keenlyside and Kirschlager - no mean performers- I was disappointed probably because of my memories of the glories of Saturday night. many many thanks.
Posted by david Authers on 01 February 2010
Hi Steve, Long time no see. Sarah and I are hoping to make the Liverpool Phil's Preston series in April. Would be good to meet up if your schedule allows. Looks like we've both been around the block a few times since our days in Old Trafford. Take care, see you soon maybe Mo & Sarah (Bent)
Posted by Mo Bent on 03 December 2009
very nice website!
Posted by Luke on 17 November 2009
Thank you very much your fantastic consert in Tamperetalo 23.10. 09. You are a Great Pianist!
Posted by Maisa Vire on 24 October 2009
A warm hello from your Tango-partner;-)! Hope you are very well and we meet again,somewhere,sometime. Take care,Quirine
Posted by Quirine Viersen on 01 October 2009
hi steven.olivia here.i think u no my email address.what is the website called for jeanies the music
Posted by olivia on 26 September 2009
Hi Steven.Your music is off the hook.Cant wait to see you soon.Can we come see you play at your house .Im a big fan
Posted by Olivia Keane on 21 September 2009
Hi Steven - do you think you might come to Prague one day? Would love to see and hear you play here.
Posted by Alastair Edwards on 04 September 2009
Hi Steven, just thought I'd drop in to say I'm a huge fan, and if you'd drop by the Queen's Hall to do an improv evening I'd be fighting for a ticket! Have watched your career with interest ever since my mother booked you to play at a garden party for my 21st were still at school... :-D
Posted by Amanda Forsyth (nee Baker) on 09 August 2009
What a wonderful site! I have bought some recordings with Steven Osborne on iTunes and through a link I found his site. I find it exceptional. I wrote to Tom Davis. I like the integrated music player. Steven, you are exceptional, one of the greatest talents in our times. I have been a Richter fan for more than 30 years and will shortly update my site When I listen to your Rachmaninov Preludes, you come very close to Richter, and I especially love your Mendelssohn Variations Sérieuses that you definitely play better than Richter and many other pianists, because your tempi are correct (not overstretched). I have so much more to say...
Posted by Pierre F. Walter on 06 August 2009
I wrote an article, printed in the ISM Journal about 4 years ago, pleading for the return of improvisation in 'classical' concerts. I'd like to send you a copy. How can I do that, either by post or email?
Posted by Graham Lyons on 12 July 2009
Hello,Steven! I`m so happy to have an opportunity to make some writings here. I really appreciate your art and respect you as an artist for some years. Unfortunately I haven`t heard you in concert because of my residence(as far as I know, you haven`t appeared on Moscow concert stage, but who knows about the future?). Nevertheless I have heard nearly all your CDs and was surprised of your sense of sound and highly original interpretation. Only few contemporary musicians can match you in this aspects of playing. Your CDs with Debussy, Kapustin and Rachmaninov give me a rich creative food and a great influence. Once I played for Kapustin his own works...after lesson with him I had a strong conviction about music-making in his works...but listening to you I`ve change my opinions....I`m sure that even Kapustin himself couldn`t imagine such flexible and poetical perfomance of his sonatas. As for me I couldn`t expect perfomance of his Sonata-Fantasia in such unusal way as well....Undoubtedly It`s great! In closing I have to add that I would be happy to have an opportunity to play for you and take your advices. Sorry for my English! I wish you all the best! My best regards from Moscow to Great Britain! Sincerely yours, Alexander Kuklin, postgraduate piano student, Moscow.
Posted by Alexander Kuklin on 06 July 2009
As a fellow pianist, I am grateful to have found the the Debussy Preludes on iTunes. I enjoy them very much. Your piano sounds beautiful! Steinway?
Posted by Carlo Mercuri on 27 June 2009
I've been listening to NPR's review of your Rachmaninov album, particularly the Prelude in C# Minor. Gorgeous! Thank you.
Posted by Claudia on 25 June 2009
Barry, I'd totally forgotten about that! Yes, I did some improvisations during that recording session.
Posted by Steven Osborne on 24 June 2009
Hi Steven. Just bought your Rachmaninov & Debussy Preludes and your Kapustin disc. Absolute knockout, thank you. The Kapustin did prompt one question though. A year ago Bechstein were kind enough to send me a promotional DVD featuring your good self playing Funerailles, some Children's Corner and Vecchio Castello from Pictures. Super playing (and I did like the piano) but the DVD also included a 1926 black and white film made at the Bechstein factory. The background music was what sounded to me to be some brilliant jazz improvisation. Was it you, by any chance? The DVD doesn't give any credits for this. I nearly choked when the pianist included snatches of Deutchland Uber Alles in the impro! regards Barry
Posted by Barry de Boer on 23 June 2009
Brian, my experience is that improvising is the most direct form of musical communication, presenting the emotions of the performer in an absolutely pure and undiluted form because the music is purely spontaneous (when it works well, anyway). As for why music can create this kind of spell where the audience is completely drawn in, that's a very mysterious thing, and I don't think anyone knows how it works. Great that it does, though!
Posted by Steven Osborne on 22 June 2009
Hi After the concert last night in Glasgow City Halls I need an explanation as to why your solo spot was so spellbinding This is not to detract from the Stravinsky but the solo was charged in way that has prevented me from getting it out of my head
Posted by Brian Annesley on 20 June 2009
Goodness, your Yank relatives have nothing better to do than to praise you here. Greetings from Jeff, your wife's uncle. Miss you here stateside and I'd like to know when you and Jeannie are up for receiving guests. You are always welcome here and there's lots of Indian food always available. Oh yea, your music is's not Dread Zepplin, but it's still nice.
Posted by Uncle Jeff on 18 June 2009
When will you be returning to the U.S.? I last heard you years ago in Newport, RI and again at Carnegie Hall and was so moved by your talent. A return appearance would be so grand. Enjoy the comments on your blog regarding the challenges of travel, the pressures of performance, etc. Please return to the states....a summer or autumn visit perhaps? Best Regards
Posted by JMM of Massachusetts on 18 June 2009
Hi Jeff. Good to hear from you and good to know where I stand in the musical pecking order. I'm going to see AC/DC in Glasgow next week. Not even Dread Zeppelin can top them!
Posted by Steven Osborne on 18 June 2009
JMM, next concert in the US is the Dallas Symphony in October then Alabama next February. Probably not much good for Massachusetts....
Posted by Steven Osborne on 18 June 2009
Hi, Steven. You have an incredible gift and talent. Listening to you play the piano tells me you have poured yourself into it. Hopefully, your gift will inspire others to appreciate music and use their talents in music, also. We're proud of you Son-in-law. Ken and Judy
Posted by Ken Johnson on 05 May 2009
Steven, just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed your Rachmaninov Preludes CD. As always, I found your portrayal of the music thought-provoking and inspiring. It was also great to hear the interview on 'In Tune'. Thank you, and I hope that we can have another lesson sometime soon! All the best.
Posted by Michael Foyle on 04 May 2009
Can't wait for your performance here in Kuala Lumpur with Mr. Claus Peter Flor. Till then, take care!
Posted by Raf Choo on 28 April 2009
I was sent to London last minute for work in December, found myself walking by Wigmore Hall one night and decided to see what was playing. What luck! Messiaen's Vingt Regards played by someone named Steven Osbourne and starting in 30 minutes! Needless to say, I did not return to the office. Great concert, amazing energy, dynamic range, brilliant interpretation of the piece. Also amazing use of the acoustics of Wigmore Hall with Messiaen's odd harmonics shimmering in the space like ghosts at a Victorian seance. I have since replaced my copy of Vingt Regards with the Steven Osbourne recording, and plan to look into the other recordings as well. I look forward to a U.S. tour!
Posted by Peter Coe on 28 February 2009
J'ai pleuré en écoutant les Harmonies poétiques et religieuses de Liszt surtout Bénédiction de Dieu dans la solitude.Que de Beauté! Merci.
Posted by Louise Gauthier on 17 February 2009
Last night I attended your concert in the new Melbourne Recital Centre. I'm sorry that more people did not attend given the starting and finishing time (10-12.15pm). I thought that your playing of Messiaen's Vingt Regards ... was one of the highlights of my concert-going career of 39 years. Sometimes a musician/singer does not live up to his/her recorded legacy but the extra dimension of hearing your playing and your exultant yet sensitive playing far surpassed the Hyperion recording you made of the work. The enfant Jesus usually elicits music that is unbearably sentimental yet Messiaen's music reminded me of Shakespeare's new born babe striding the blast: ie innocence, a lack of sentimentality, and majesty.
Posted by Robert Baker on 11 February 2009
Dear Steven, I have long admired your playing and recently saw you giving a magical recital at the Mayfield Festival last May. My enquiry involves a fingering dilemma in Liszt's La Leggirezza, a piece I have heard you perform beautifully on radio 3. I need advice on the fingering of the descending chromatic cadenza on page 3. The Peters edition uses fingering by, I suspect, Sauer and not Liszt himself. I find the predominance of the fourth finger at the beginning of each pattern to be very awkward. Although I do use this fingering for some of the patterns ( not avoidable), I prefer to use the third finger at the beginning of the group starting on Ab, and fifth finger at the beginning of the middle F pattern. In doing so, I achieve a greater eveness and velocity. Would Liszt have approved or have I committed fingering sacrilege?! Also, what recordings do you admire? I particularly like, Barere and Cziffra for very different reasons. I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Mark
Posted by Mark Mortimer on 29 January 2009
I was at Wigmore for the lieder recital on January 13. I thought the piano playing was magnificent, a reall partner and finding what was in the Wolf and Schubert. Sadly, not because of the piano, the Schwanengesang only really came to life in the two or three songs - as the though the singer thought he could at last let go...but the piano was something else thank you.
Posted by David A on 15 January 2009
I was at the Wigmore for the Vingt Regards. This was, without doubt, one of the greatest displays of pianism I have had the privilege of enjoying.I sat in the third row, close to the stage, and was stunned by the power and dynamic range and the sheer beauty of the music. I already had the recording but to hear this work live was very special indeed.Many thanks for a memorable evening.
Posted by John Wilson on 09 January 2009
Dear Steven Votre interprétation des vingt regards m'a extrèmement émue lorsque je vous ai entendu au cours du "piano festival" de Lille .J'ai depuis acheté votre disque que j'écoute régulièrement .Vous êtes un merveilleux artiste,je vous souhaite une bonne année et j'espère vous entendre de nouveau en France très bientôt.
Posted by Bérengère Delecour on 30 December 2008
Steven - A wonderful and powerful concert of the Vingt Regards at Wigmore, for which many thanks and congratulations! Yours, Colin Currie.
Posted by Colin Currie on 17 December 2008
Vingt Regards at the Wigmore Hall, one of the best ever. Beautiful sense of touch: Cecil Taylor and Bill Evans would be proud. Moved, so thanks for that.
Posted by Andrew Randall on 14 December 2008
Steven, a simply stunning performance of the Rachmaninov 2nd. Thank you.
Posted by John Cameron on 04 November 2008
hello, Steven, I am ondes Martenot player and I will play the Turangalila with you in Munich in december I have seen your website and I enjoy really to meet you soon excuse me for my english, which is not so good but I wanted absolutly to salute you before the rehearsals best regards and I am in a hurry to meet you soon
Posted by Arrieus Philippe on 22 October 2008
an :) absolutely :) amazing :) performance of brahms 2nd piano concerto last night! thank you so much! all the best for the next events coming.
Posted by Anca on 19 October 2008
What a priviledge to experience last nights performance of the Brahms 2nd concerto in Glasgow.The alchemy-not just chemistry-between SO,Stephane Deneve and our great RSNO was incendiary.In the years ahead,we lucky audience will brag we were there. Looks like it was being recorded for transmission.Cant wait. Barry
Posted by Barry Laurie on 19 October 2008
Steven you are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! looking forward for your concert in Glasgow!
Posted by Anca on 22 September 2008
Fabulous new site. Can't wait for your eventual return to the U.S...hopefully with the NSO!
Posted by Julie Sodee on 13 September 2008
Steven - lovely web site, very enjoyable blogs - all goes with your super music.
Posted by Carole on 12 September 2008
Steven - lovely web site, very enjoyable blogs - all goes with your super music.
Posted by Carole on 12 September 2008
Hello Steven! I am just enjoying your new Britten disc, which came a few days back. We heard you do the Piano Concerto back in April in Manchester, when you stood in for another pianist. It was a thrilling occasion and one of the best performances I have been to. We have already got our tickets to hear you in Liverpool next spring... I loved your Tippett and Messiaen discs too, and would love to hear you do some Messiaen in recital one day in the future.
Posted by Andrew on 06 September 2008
Hello Steven! Your new site looks amazing!
Posted by Chrissy on 17 August 2008
Liked your site very much. Peter Newham was here yesterday, tuning our piano. He says Hi. NB My blog - see below: I'll try to give you a puff. Martin
Posted by Martin Davis on 12 August 2008
Great website. Loved reading the blog.
Posted by Joth on 30 July 2008
I heard you at the Mostly Mozart opening concert at the Barbican - wonderful playing! Can't wait until your Britten cd's out in September - your Prom last year was incredible :)
Posted by ECB on 29 July 2008
Nice to see you are performing lots of Messiaen in this centenary year. Looking forward to your Wigmore concerts in December!
Posted by Nicki on 29 July 2008
Eat your heart out Angela!
Posted by Scharwenkaman on 29 July 2008
We enjoyed the blog - we'll check in regularly! It's interesting to see what a varied concert schedule you have too. I don't know how you do it!
Posted by Lins on 29 July 2008

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  33. No 8 in A minor – Rachmaninov preludes
  34. Allegretto – Beethoven Piano Sonatas
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